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To purchase your Fiddle Pro Microphone. Choose the appropriate currency, enter the measurements of the C bout then Click BuyNow. ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING. Currency Convertor
Measure your violin to ensure that we supply the correct size for your instrument.
C Bout Width (mm)  
C Rib Depth (mm)  
£157.00 UK
C Bout Width (mm)  
C Rib Depth (mm)  
$279.00 USA
C Bout Width (mm)  
C Rib Depth (mm)  
€189.00 EUROPE
C Bout Width (mm)  
C Rib Depth (mm)  
$299.00 CANADA

If you live outside of the above countries, please request a quotation by e-mail.   

UK Normal Delivery: within 2-3 days
Europe Normal Delivery: within  7 days
USA Normal Delivery: within 10-14 days
Canada Normal Delivery: within 10-14 days
International money orders are also acceptable and for UK customers a cheque drawn on a UK bank in sterling can be sent to the following address:
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.


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