Fiddle Pro Microphone for Fiddle / Violin

Introducing the Fiddle Pro, for the working musician to the studio professional.
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The microphone is attached to the C bout of the violin by a stainless steel spring clip. (The clip is covered by a soft but durable plastic to protect the instrument).
The microphone is rotated over the sound hole.
A directional hyper-cardiod microphone is used in close proximity to the instrument to capture maximum sound level and minimise risk of feedback.
A miniature high quality connector feeds the signal to your mixer / amp microphone input via a 5 metre long cable and male XLR connector.
The micro-electronics in the connection block provides power management, impedance matching and an amplified balanced output. (For 600 ohms standard microphone input).
Will operate from Phantom Power if available (switches automatically from battery to phantom.
An on-board 3-volt coin cell battery powers the microphone if phantom power is not available.
The device does not interfere with bow movement, is light in weight (70g) and is unobtrusive.
Absolutely no modification to the instrument is required, no stick on pads etc.
After your performance the device can be removed in less than a second, and then store in the purpose-built foam-filled box provided.


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Fiddle-friendly and simple to fit while maintaining professional quality
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