Assembly & Fitting Instructions for the Fiddle Pro

The system is supplied in a robust plastic storage case. It contains three main parts:
fig1.jpg (22480 bytes) 1) the clip: a plastic coated spring with a black plastic connection block.
2) the microphone, mounted onto a miniature jack plug.
3) the cable with a 3-pin male XLR plug one end and a 4-pin Lemo connector on the other.
fig2.jpg (16937 bytes) Push the microphone jack plug into the jack socket on top of the connection block until it clicks home.
fig4.jpg (16411 bytes) Attach the miniature Lemo connector, (on one end of the cable), into the socket opposite the microphone jack. You will see a red dot on both the Lemo connector and the socket. Line them up and push together by gripping the knurled section until it clicks home.

To remove this connector always grip by the knurled section and pull - it has a retaining barb and will not disengage by pulling on the cable.

fig5.jpg (17890 bytes) Hold the assembled unit between thumb and forefinger and offer it up to the instrument. Place one end of the clip into the C bout on the bass side.
fig6.jpg (20003 bytes) Then squeeze the clip to compress and shorten it and then rotate until both curved ends of the clip are inside the C bout.
fig7.jpg (18753 bytes) Now slowly release your grip on the spring and adjust the position until the clip nestles comfortably inside the C bout.
fig8.jpg (13547 bytes) Then rotate the microphone to a position over the end of the f-hole and check that it is not touching the top of the instrument, adjust the clip position if necessary.
Ensure that the gain/volume settings on your P.A. are set to minimum level and insert the XLR connector on the other end of the cable into an appropriate microphone input socket. Switch on Phantom Power if available. Increase your gain/volume level whilst playing your instrument and adjust as required. All EQ should be initially flat (mid settings).
Experiment with level and EQ settings for your preferred sound.
After your performance dismantle the system by following the above in reverse order and store in the box for protection.


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