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Latest News - Lord of the Dance Troupe One are using the Fiddle Pro, more news on that soon...
Praise from Altan! Donegal fiddlers MairÈad NÌ Mhaonaigh and Ciar·n Tourish from Altan used the Fiddle Pro on their recent Spring tour of USA 2004. Ciar·n said of the Fiddle Pro "It sounds great - the best fiddle microphone I've used". Altan signed to Virgin Records in 1996, Dolly Parton was guest singer on their last album and they have been touring the world since the early eighties. The Boston Globe said Altan are "the hottest group in the Celtic realm these days."
RIM's marketing agent in USA has been arranging trials with some of the top fiddle players; Calvin Vollrath, Tony Ludiker and Daniel Carwile are just some of the players who have given excellent reviews. Visit our testimonials page for more details.
The Fiddle Pro was launched at Liverpool Irish Festival on 26 October 2003, followed by a demonstration at the Ennis Trad Festival in early November, which attracted substantial interest from many fine exponents of the Irish tradition. Fiddle Pro was also on show at the Scots Fiddle Festival in Edinburgh in late November. 

Belfast fiddler MÈabh O’Hare, TG4’s Young Traditional Musician of the Year in 2000, and her partner, Dublin flute player Conor Byrne used the Fiddle Pro in their album launch -  Bavan, at Ennis Trad Festival 2003. MÈabh was extremely impressed with the performance of the microphone.

Coming soon will be the Banjo Pro, using similar technology that has been so successful on the Fiddle Pro. The Banjo pick-up is currently under development.
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"All I can say is wow!" - Daniel Carwile
   "The best fiddle microphone I've used" - Ciar·n Tourish


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