Fiddle Pro Testimonials and Recommendations

Here's what fiddlers have said about the excellent Fiddle Pro
Donegal fiddlers MairÈad NÌ Mhaonaigh and Ciar·n Tourish from Altan used the Fiddle Pro on their recent Spring tour of USA 2004. Ciar·n said of the Fiddle Pro "It sounds great - the best fiddle microphone I've used".

Ciar·n Tourish from Altan

"It actually sounds like an acoustic fiddle! Combine this with the convenience of being able to remove the system in seconds and I think, after years of touring, that I’ve found a reliable winning formula." more...

Claire Mann

"Spectacular! I absolutely love your microphone. I'd recommend the Fiddle Pro to any amateur or professional looking for a natural sounding mic/pick-up. It's a fantastic design." more...

Tony Ludiker

"Performance-wise it is unrivalled as it is feedback free and gives tone, volume and above all, quality." more...

Denis Liddy

"All I can say is "wow!" The mounting mechanism is incredible - off and on in a matter of seconds. The sound quality is very natural and well-balanced with no feedback problems. I would recommend the Fiddle Pro to anyone looking for a new and creative way to amplify the violin. Thanks!"

Daniel Carwile

"I was able to try the mic this past weekend. I thought it worked great. I did a workshop for 250 fiddlers and everyone was amazed at the sound."

Calvin Vollrath

"It is remarkably easy to attach and remove, looks neat and unobtrusive, and gives a warm, airy and intimate sound which gives a true reflection of the acoustic quality of the instrument" more...

Chris Haigh

"It not only produces a fiddle sound, it produces a sound like 'my fiddle', and is a joy to use." more...

Eamon Coyne

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"The best fiddle microphone I've used" - Ciar·n Tourish
   "Spectacular! I absolutely love your microphone" - Tony Ludiker

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